Starting at Rolls-Royce Power Systems as a secondary school student

Whether it's an internship, vocational training or dual course of study, we offer many opportunities for starting a career with good prospects for the future. A company that wants to develop and produce innovative products needs well-trained employees. That’s why at Rolls-Royce Power Systems we particularly count on young people who share our joy in discovery and would like to grow successfully with us.

Secondary school student internship

Desk or workbench? Calculator or milling machine? Administration or hands-on work? To find a profession that suits you, you first have to find out where your strengths and interests lie. And what could be more helpful than a chance to see day-to-day life on the job for yourself?

We offer you opportunities to complete internships in almost all areas and at many of our locations where we offer training.

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Technical training program

From a 20-cylinder high-performance diesel engine to an electronically-controlled automatic solution for mining vehicles: As a vocational trainee in a technical area, you will learn first-hand about the fascinating field of engine technology.

We place particular value on practical experience. Special "learning islands" in manufacturing, assembly and service divisions, or specific training projects, will involve you early on in actual production processes. We also want you to stay with us for a long time, and so we always base our training on what’s needed. After successful completion of the training program, we will be happy to enable you to pursue the additional training required to become a technician or a master craftsperson.

So get off to a great start with us!

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Vocational training in business

Organization, calculation, advising: At our company, vocational training in business is just as multi-faceted as your interests.
Whether you are analyzing a wide range of parameters in the controlling department, procuring important replacement parts in the purchasing department or overseeing employees around the world in the human resources department, you can apply your skills and ideas and continue growing with us. We want you to stay with us for a long time, and we therefore always base our training on what’s needed.

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Dual course of study

If you hold a general or specialized university-qualifying diploma, you are now faced with a decision: Should you obtain more theoretical knowledge at a university or enter a training program to see what it’s like to put your skills into practice? With a dual Bachelor course of study at our company, you don’t have to decide on just one of these paths. Get a good start on your studies and on the job at the same time!

Switching regularly between the university and the company allows you to put the material you learn directly into practice. You will also have the option of completing a three-month internship at one of our international locations. And of course, during all phases of the training, you will receive very attractive compensation. (We pay our first-year trainees the standard rate of compensation paid to second-year trainees.) 

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Training program positions in Germany

We offer various technical and business training programs as well as dual courses of study at our locations in Friedrichshafen, Augsburg, Ruhstorf, Glatten and Magdeburg.

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  • Cover letter and resume
  • School certificates
  • Application photo (if you wish)
  • Further certificates (if you wish)

We look forward to meeting you.

* We always have both men and women in mind when we speak of employees, colleagues, students, graduates etc.. We are looking for employees in all departments.

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