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rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 15.01.2018, 11:45
The engine management System controls key systems of our #engines such as fuel injection, turbocharging and exhaust……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 12.01.2018, 11:50
Offenburg in south-western Germany is now getting #environmentally-friendly thermal #energy from a natural-gas-fuel……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 10.01.2018, 15:10
Minuano Alliance is the latest tug from Hamburg Süd. Their entire #tug fleet is powered by MTU engines. #MTUpower
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 04.01.2018, 23:25
Rolls-Royce will supply a 7 MWe CHP plant - with two gas-fired gensets based on the new medium-speed #Bergen B36:45……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 29.12.2017, 13:55
#MTU will deliver 57 Series 1600 PowerPacks to power 19 new Class 802 intercity trains along the iconic Pennine rou……
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