Our Future: Smart Solutions

Our group is renowned for its outstanding diesel and gas engines as well as excellent gensets for distributed power supply. We are transforming ourselves from a manufacturer of high-grade system components to a provider of fully integrated solutions. Digitization, hybridization, and electrification are key instruments for us in this regard. Our strength will be in the integration and intelligent combination of components and their control systems as well as the optimized adaptation of system features to the needs of our customers. We make a considerable contribution to modern transport and supply concepts. We are moving into new areas of business with highly intelligent, sustainable solutions:


Microgrids are smart, ultramodern alternatives when a stable and reliable power supply is required.

Hybrid Marine / Rail

Our goal is a modular series system kit for mobile applications in marine, rail, and industrial.

Marine Control Boards/Automation

We develop tailor-made electronics solutions for a broad range of applications.

Engine Control/ Electronics Development

We develop tailor-made electronics solutions for a broad range of applications.

We need you – for these tasks!

We started our journey to the future long ago. Today we are already making innovative contributions to ultramodern supply and mobility projects. Take a look yourself:

  • Moving at Speed with Hybrid Power
  • Crossing the Wadden Sea without Leaving a Mark
  • Regenerative, powerful, quiet: an outstanding cogeneration plant!

Even more interested in our challenges?

What’s Waiting for You Here

Our employees are looking for new coworkers for current and upcoming challenges. New coworkers can look forward to a great number of exciting, future-oriented projects, combined with fascinating tasks that constantly require us to rethink our technology and expertise.

Get to know us more – these teams can give you an initial insight into our work environment:

Testing team: Engine Testing

“We test everything we’ve designed for the engine, leaving nothing untouched.”

Software Development team: Engine Control Systems

“Basically, our job is to make our engines even greener – because in engine management there are sensors and actuators everywhere that are looking to be triggered and used efficiently.”

Systems team: E-Drive

“We make sure that the transition from a purely diesel engine to a hybrid drive system is successful. We develop all things electrical and take care of basically everything!”

Marine Control Boards/Automation team: Marine Automation Systems

“This isn’t your usual office job – our know-how controls major ships and luxury yachts!”

The People Awaiting You!

We offer you outstanding social benefits at a modern group of technology companies engaged worldwide. You can look forward to working in an extremely friendly, open atmosphere with rotating team membership. All in a region renowned for being a holiday destination. Our location’s emphasis on recreation and offering of social infrastructure makes it highly livable, especially for families.

Felicia Hotea

“There’s so much expertise here and so much on offer – I have everything I could want!” 

Peter Dietrich

“We travel between many different worlds – though are happy to be anchored at Rolls Royce!”

Jasmin Birkenmaier

“Rolls Royce and I invest evenly in my future!”

Andreas Rothmaier

“We’re a young team, we all pitch in, we’re multicultural. It’s cool to work here!”

Current job openings

At Rolls-Royce Power Systems we have the right job for you.

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