Wir bewegen die Zukunft!

We put the future in motion!

New areas of business, challenging tasks, appealing perspectives for your career and for planning your personal life – at our company, you can enjoy extraordinary opportunities and actively shape your future. Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our staff have to say:

1. Software Development team

“There’s so much expertise here and so much on offer – I have everything I could want!”

"Some people think that developers only talk to their computer. They couldn’t be more wrong – it’s a lot more varied than that. More precisely: We coordinate wishes and requirements for green engine technologies and then develop intelligent control solutions that are built into the engine. Our latest development is an ultramodern gas turbine that, thanks to its innovative, environmentally friendly technology, can even be used on the Wadden Sea mudflats. We’re especially proud that we’re now able to take to the water at home too, with the new Lake Constance Ferry from Meersburg to Konstanz or Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn fitted with our turbine, entering service in 2020. What’s exceptional in our environment is that we have so much expertise in our team that hardly any question goes unanswered. If you face a problem in the morning, there’ll be a solution found by the evening. That really is what it’s like – our teams have many specialists who immediately have an idea and a good approach. I get offered professional development, seminars, and training in social competence as well as topics going beyond that. Employer health insurance, company sports, and a company kindergarten – there’s nothing more I could want; I’m happy to be here every day."

– Felicia Hotea

2. Marine Control Boards/Automation team

“We travel between many different worlds – though are happy to be anchored!”

“I’ve been employed in Marine, Train and Industry at the company for around 20 years now already and have become familiar with many aspects of it. What’s fantastic about this company is that you’re always learning. Once upon a time I defined technical details for ship design – today I develop them. Here in our crew we have team players and no one going it alone; no one here has the know-how to be able to go it alone. People can grow out into many different areas thanks to the size of our company. Our current goal is to create a type of configuration tool so that our customers can put together their own solutions. We plan for it to work for anything from luxury yachts to ferries, firefighter boats, and even military ships. Normally to get this depth of experience and insight as an engineer, you’d have to change employer numerous times. I, on the other hand, have already got to know many different worlds without once having to leave our universe!”

– Peter Dietrich

3. Testing Team

“My employee and I invest evenly in my future!”

“At the moment I’m at work on two different ‘construction sites’: For my own future, I’m progressing with my MBA studies in mechanical engineering and, for my employer, I’m driving product management for our new cogeneration plants. I get all the options I need – particularly with scheduling – so that I can attend lectures alongside my job. Our company promotes these combined pathways responsibly. I myself have a background in technology, yet a 100 percent relevant degree isn’t absolutely necessary – people changing career are also welcomed, which is something that female applicants in particular appreciate. Career perspectives are supported from an early stage too.

I’m part of the Talent Development Program, which entrusts me with targeted, advanced tasks through support activities and mentors.”

– Jasmin Birkenmaier

4. Systems team

“We’re a young team, we all pitch in, we’re multicultural. It’s cool to work here!”

“We make sure that the transition from a purely diesel engine to hybrid drive is successful. We take care of all things electrical: from the battery to the electric machine, inverter, the complete system – basically everything! We’re looking for someone for this, someone passionate about technology, someone who is curious and can have fun with us developing something fully integrated. There’s a lot here you can create and set in motion yourself. Afterward it’s a pleasure seeing what we’ve been able to impact with our work! What sets us apart is that we can look outside the box and also try things out with management having our backs. We all pitch in and have a multicultural team – it’s really cool to work here. Another thing our young team finds important is that people are willing to listen if we aren’t yet that familiar with a given topic.” "

– Andreas Rothmaier

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