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Curiosity is the force that drives us. If you have that, you are on a voyage of discovery from childhood onward. Curiosity gives rise to the passion for moving things forward, improving them and developing them further. At every level and for every one of our employees*.

That’s why we invest all our energy into promoting a corporate culture of respect and trust. Our goal is always to create the best possible conditions so that our employees can fully develop themselves and their potential.

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Career development: Discover new territory!

Whether you are a trainee or a seasoned professional, we help all of our employees to grow personally and advance their technical skills. We use career development conversations to investigate individual interests and goals together. Whether through e-learning or traditional in-person training, we offer our employees need-appropriate continuing education activities for specialized disciplines or broader skills. We support them systematically and with an eye to the long term:

  • Regular training consultations
  • Language courses and intercultural training
  • Regular assessment of potential
  • Programs for development of leadership skills
  • International development opportunities


Corporate Health Award 2015

We place a very high priority on our employees’ health. In addition to promoting their professional and personal development, we also pay special attention to their physical well-being. Our athletics and physical exercise program, "LIFE aktiv,” encompasses numerous options for pursuing sports, fitness and exercise. In 2015, the program again helped us to earn the Corporate Health Award.

You can find out more about the award and our optimal work-life balance here.

Fair Company Award

Anyone completing an internship here is doing valuable work. We know that and are therefore proud to be a member of the “Fair Company” initiative. In return for their personal dedication, our interns receive strong support and the most multi-faceted insight possible into a particular business field.

You can find more about the initiative and our internship principles here. 

Top Employer 2019

Benefits, work-life balance, continuing education -- we seek to create ideal conditions for our employees. Among other distinctions, we were named a “Top Employer in Germany” and „Top Employer for Engineers in Germany" in 2019 for our forward-thinking human resource policy measures and offerings for employees.

You can find more about the title, our human resource policies and the benefits we offer here.

Career and Family

For us, responsibility for our employees doesn't end with their work day. The time they spend with friends and family is just as important as their daily activity in the workshop or the office. We are especially proud to have received the “berufundfamilie” (“careerandfamily”) certificate for our efforts to make work and personal life more compatible.

You can find more about the award and our family-friendly environment here. 


Our innovative technologies together with our human resources policies have allowed us to be named a “MINT-minded company 2019” by over 17500 students and graduates of the MINT-fields (mathematics, informatics, science and technology). This certification recognizes our continuous support and engagement as an attractive employer to MINT talents.


The herCAREER certification recognizes our support to women career advancements within and outside our company. This initiative connects graduates and women in managing positions and encourages career developments. We are a proud supporter of the event.

Regional, national, global: We move the world.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG with its headquarters in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is a specialist for large engines, propulsion and distributed energy systems as well as fuel injection systems. Most of our customers are in the off-highway business. They operate all over the world – often in remote regions. They penetrate new areas. They go new ways. When, where and why they need us: We are close to them and always one step ahead – to their benefit. With our fully consolidated companies, more than 140 sales partners and over 500 authorized dealerships at more than 1,200 locations Rolls-Royce Power Systems has a global distribution and service structure.

Worldmap Amerika EMEA EMEA EMEA Australia Asia Germany

America region


10 locations

approx. 1,100 employees

(consolidated and not consolidated)




EMEA region


26 locations

approx. 9,900 employees

(consolidated and not consolidated)


Current job openings


Asia region


13 locations

Approx. 900 employees

(consolidated and not consolidated)


Current job openings





2 locations


Current job openings




approx. 8,300 employees

(consolidated and not consolidated)


Current job openings


Current job openings at Rolls-Royce Power Systems

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* We always have both men and women in mind when we speak of employees, colleagues, students or graduates. We are looking for employees in all departments.




Current job openings

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