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MTU is one of the leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion and drive systems for marine applications, for heavy land, rail and defense vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry. The company also manufactures tailor-made electronic control and monitoring systems for engines and for propulsion and drive systems.


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MTU has a long tradition in the development, manufacture and supply of marine engines, propulsion and automation systems. Over 24,000 diesel engines have been delivered to date for both large and small vessels around the world.

When it comes to safety and environmental protection, the world's navies, coast guards, police forces and other authorities know no compromise. For these applications, MTU has developed clean, tailor-made propulsion systems that feature outstanding power density, low weight, shock-resistance, compact design, quiet running, quality, straightforward operation and low life-cycle costs. The MTU product portfolio is supplemented by compatible automation software and hardware for controlling the propulsion system and other on-board functions.

MTU engines are also in service in marine passenger applications around the globe. They offer safe and economic operation as a result of their low weight and compact size, in addition to their high level of reliability and availability. This can be seen in Europe and Asia, for example, where the vast majority of hydrofoils and catamarans are powered by MTU engines.

MTU engines and automation systems have been providing the power for large numbers of harbor tugs, fishery protection vessels and other workboats for many years. This area of application places particularly heavy demands on propulsion systems, as the vessels must be capable of delivering full power for up to 24 hours a day. Reliability, rugged design, low fuel and oil consumption and straightforward maintenance are essential requirements - no matter how rough the sea, the wind and the weather conditions might be.

MTU Onsite Energy

The product portfolio offered by MTU Onsite Energy includes standardized and tailor-made diesel gensets for emergency, base load and peak load power generation and for cogeneration plants for the generation of combined heat and power based on gas engines.


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Storms, operational failures and unstable grid systems frequently result in temporary outages in public power supply systems. When they happen, we depend on on-site power generators to swing into action within a few seconds to restore power and prevent injury to people, damage to property and extensive economic losses.

Under the MTU Onsite Energy brand, Rolls-Royce Power Systems provides a wide range of systems based on diesel and gas engines for emergency, peak load and base load power generation. The systems supply emergency power to relatively small buildings such as banks and clinics, but also to entire city districts and nuclear power stations. MTU Onsite Energy also provides mobile, prefabricated and pre-tested container gensets. These are versatile units designed to be relocated from one site to another within a short space of time. They are up and running and ready to deliver the required power in less than 15 seconds.

Bergen Engines AS

Bergen Engines supplies medium-speed Rolls-Royce engines for power generation applications, for the oil and gas industry and for marine. 

With up to 9,700 kilowatts of power, Bergen gas engines generate electric power in large, decentralized power plants. Customers include public utilities, independent electricity producers, the oil and gas industry, in addition to operators of commercial greenhouses.


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