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Wolfgang Boller
Spokesman Regional Media/
Corporate Publishing
+49 7541 90-2159

Anika Emmerich
Social Media Manager
+49 7541 90-7743

Markus Fischer
HR Social Media Editor
+49 7541/90-6018

rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 14.01.2020, 09:27
Rolls-Royce takes majority holding in power storage specialist Qinous. The Berlin company is to become the competen……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 08.01.2020, 10:32
The fuel cell pilot project will begin early this year and will include the construction of an emergency power plan……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 07.01.2020, 10:15
What's 2020 set to bring? One big highlight for us will be the commissioning of two ferries fitted with our very fi……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 02.01.2020, 10:30
Seit dem ersten Januar haben wir mit Louise Öfverström eine neue Finanzchefin und die erste Frau im Vorstand von Ro……
rrpowersystems rrpowersystems 31.12.2019, 13:24
A huge birthday cake, confetti raining down and applause ringing out: the festivities surrounding the vocational tr……
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