Diversity and Inclusion

Pillar of our corporate culture

At Rolls-Royce Power Systems, we recognize that by ensuring the diversity of our workforce, we enrich our business. Indeed, the diversity of our workforce is a function of our success, competitiveness and innovative drive.  We therefore encourage diversity among our staff and create conditions that enable them to fulfill their potential – irrespective of their cultural values and practices, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or skin color.

We value the individual, and by means of an up-to-date and flexible working time scheme, in-house employee health management program, and opportunities for improving work/life balance, provide a framework within which our employees can feel at ease.

We signed up to the Diversity Charter in 2018, thereby sealing our commitment to actively promoting diversity and inclusion as an integral part of our corporate culture.  To ensure that diversity truly thrives within our business, we enable staff participation in our diversity management activities. Beginning last year, a 'Diversity Day' takes place at our company each spring and an 'Inclusion Week' each autumn to help raise awareness of these themes across our business.

Five areas of focus have been defined for diversity management:

Internationality and trans-culturalism

76 different nations are represented on the workforce of Power Systems. With a network of 38 subsidiaries, 140 business partners, and over 500 authorized dealers, we are present at over 1,200 locations around the world. Power Systems AG employs 6635 people in Germany, 1427 in Europe (including the Middle East, excluding Germany), 136 in Africa, 902 employees in America and 932 in Asia.

As a global company, we make the most of the synergies that arise from having an international team. Our global service network teams, for example, work on a 'follow-the-sun' basis to ensure round-the-clock availability to customers and the servicing of their individual needs.

Age structure

This depends on the achieving the right mix. On our workforce, we strive to achieve a smart combination of staff with experience and new recruits who bring in fresh ideas. By encouraging teams with a variety of age groups, we obtain better results.


We want to recruit the very best candidates – irrespective of their gender. We encourage women to take up leadership positions and assist the advancement of their careers. With flexible working time models and opportunities for mobile working, we also help young parents better reconcile the demands of work and family.

People with disabilities

Fair treatment of staff with disabilities is another key aspect of our corporate culture and social responsibility. We have an occupational re-integration management system in place for assisting staff who have suffered an accident or long-term illness. We also reserve a proportion of workplaces for people with a disability.

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