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The Management Board of Rolls-Royce Power Systems has addressed the subject of extremism in an open letter to its workforce. At present we are witnessing a change in the social and political landscape in Germany. It is a situation that causes us great concern. Extremist voices expressing misanthropic views and attitudes are being heard with increasing frequency. What is more, those voices do not shrink from unlawful activities or the use of violence.
The Germany that we stand for is a nation based on values that have restored our international reputation in recent times. In hosting one of the FIFA World Cups, we were recently able to demonstrate that Germany is a country that can deal maturely with its national identity and symbolism and safely host visitors from anywhere else in the world. Equally, we are obviously a nation with international links and horizons. Our passport allows us to travel to 179 countries without visa restrictions. We have established a reputation as a strong democracy, a reliable international partner and, not least, as a country with a generous quality of life. That reputation is in danger of being tarnished by current events.
For a company such as Rolls-Royce Power Systems, which clearly professes a global vision and explicitly embraces diversity, the present social developments are unacceptable. The success of our business is founded on the excellent international trading relationships that are reflected in our export ratio of 80 percent. The creativity and productivity of our corporation is a function of the diversity of its workforce. It is our colleagues who make us open to new ideas and teach us how to deal with differing attitudes. Our company employs people from 78 different countries within one organization. The future of our business relies on qualified staff who identify with their job and our code of conduct. That quite obviously includes trainees who have arrived here as migrants or refugees and who are now grasping their new opportunities.
We will not allow our success, our creativity and productivity or our future to be put at risk by world views purporting to offer a simple solution to the challenges of our times. That applies both in Germany and Rolls-Royce Power Systems as a whole. Our commitment to diversity and integration is underlined by our Power Systems 2030 strategy. We absolutely reject all extremist tendencies of whatever kind and will not tolerate them within our corporation. Humanity, diversity, tolerance and mutual respect are the values on which the prosperity and stability of Germany as a nation and we as a company are founded. At this moment, those values are being questioned by a vociferous minority. That is something we oppose. We represent a Germany that is open, diverse and democratic.
We do not believe that it is enough to rely on a silent majority to uphold those values. And that is why we have chosen to set out our position very clearly in this letter.
The Management Board of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG
Andreas Schell (CEO), Marcus A. Wassenberg (CFO)


We regard our company's good name, its reputation, as the foundation and the essential factor underpinning our business activities for long-term success. We regard the trust our customers place in us as a key resource and the foundation for our business success. We nurture our company's reputation, garnered over 100 years, and the well-founded confidence of our business partners by attaching the utmost importance to Integrity & Compliance – as an equal priority together with the innovation expertise and technology leadership of our company.

Rolls-Royce Global Code of Conduct

The ethical corporate principles of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG and its subsidiaries are set out in the Rolls-Royce Global Code of Conduct which is binding on all managers and employees. Its principles apply to all areas of work in the company and form the plumb line against which all business conduct is judged in the Rolls-Royce group of companies. Policy directives, instructions for conduct and training courses all help ensure that the ethical principles in the Code of Conduct are lived out by everyone who is part of the company. 

Key statements in the Code of Conduct

  • We treat our business partners according to the precepts of fairness and integrity.
  • We believe in open and fair competition and live this out. We do not tolerate illegal antitrust practices.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption.
  • We avoid any relationship, exertion of influence or activity that prevents us from making balanced, objective decisions in all we do. We disclose potential conflicts of interest and, by so doing, prevent them from arising. 
  • We guard sensitive information and information on third parties such as customers, suppliers, joint ventures or other partners.
  • When exporting goods and services we comply with all relevant laws and regulations. 


If you have any questions or comments relating to integrity and compliance at RRPS or would like to report a potential breach of corporate principles (confidentially, upon request), please contact:


You may also report compliance breaches to an external confidential point of contact. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Please contact:


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