Responsible business practice

Our business is to develop and build propulsion and power generation systems. Our major aim is to offer our customers sustainable solutions for energy, drive and propulsion systems, and service. Rolls-Royce Power Systems is committed to creating a sustainable business. For us that means driving profitable growth whilst achieving a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

These goals are embodied in our corporate guidelines, our Integrity Code and in our Global Guidelines. Rolls-Royce Power Systems cultivates a constructive debate with its customers, business partners, workforce, owners, and with the media, political sphere, state authorities and other public groups. We use the insights we gain to meet their requirements even better and prepare ourselves for future challenges.

Sustainability targets

The world is changing: the world's population is growing and resources are limited. Forecasts indicate an increasing impact on climate and demographics.

In keeping with the global vision of our parent company Rolls-Royce – "Better Power for a Changing World" – central fields of action have been defined. To accelerate progress, we are working towards specific targets in the Rolls-Royce target program. Group-wide targets at Rolls-Royce are:

Reduce energy use in our operations and facilities by 30%, normalised by revenue, by 2020 (excluding product test and development)

Greenhouse gas emissions
Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our operations and facilities by 50%, absolute, by 2025 (excluding product test and development)

Reduce total solid and liquid waste in our operations and facilities by 25%, normalised by revenue, by 2020

Zero waste to landfill in our operations and facilities, by 2020 (excluding hazardous waste)

Reduce Total Reportable Injury (TRI) rate to 0.3 per 100 employees by 2020

External suppliers
All suppliers aligned to our own ambitions

Reach 6 million people through the Rolls-Royce STEM education programme by 2020

Employee wellbeing
All sites to achieve Rolls-Royce LiveWell accreditation by 2020

Employee engagement
Sustainable Employee Engagement Index

All employees to complete year-on-year Global Code of Conduct certification and mandatory ethics training

Further information about our sustainability objectives can be found on the Rolls-Royce website:

The target values are based on the Rolls-Royce Group's targets and reporting basis.

Product responsibility

Innovative technologies

For over a century, we have been building robust diesel engines and system solutions for drives and decentralized power generation. In terms of energy efficiency, low fuel consumption and low emissions, our products lead the way, both to the benefit of our customers and the environment. The associated key technologies such as turbocharging, fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation, engine management and exhaust aftertreatment are developed in-house.

We are also working on alternative drive technologies. Several decades ago, we began developing eco-friendly gas engines. Powered by natural gas, biogas, sewage gas or landfill gas, these are used in stationary applications. Mobile gas applications for MTU high-speed engines – initially for ships and then also for further applications such as mining vehicles and locomotives – are currently being planned and developed. In the field of medium-speed drives, Bergen gas engines are used in power plants and ships, for example. We are also pursuing innovative future technologies within development projects such as hybrid drive and propulsion systems for rail vehicles, yachts and commercial ships.


Our ValueExchange Remanufacturing Program is designed to prolong the service life of our products even further. We take back worn engines and engine components and give them a new lease of life in a rigorous factory process. Customers and the environment benefit alike, since remanufacturing enables sparing use of raw materials and energy. A deposit scheme for returned engines and components further motivates customers to trade in their worn spare parts, so that the remanufacturing cycle can be sustained.

Remanufacturing case study

Supplier management

Our range of products and our procurement in global networks require a particular degree of responsibility. Suppliers are selected and evaluated by taking account of qualitative and sustainable aspects.

  • We require our suppliers to accept the supplier guidelines (Download)
  • We regularly audit suppliers. We support the advancement of our suppliers within supplier development projects.
  • Together with our suppliers, we actively strive to avoid conflict minerals.


Corporate environmental protection

Environmental protection is a major goal of the Rolls-Royce Power Systems Group and our environmental policy is based on six maxims. At all our locations worldwide, we support and promote the development of structures and management methods that are ecologically sound.

Our corporate environmental policy complies with the international ISO 14001 standard. We strive to continually improve our environmental record with respect to our products and locations. We carry out internal audits annually to monitor our progress and have independent audits carried out by external auditors at all affiliated sites every three years.

To ensure compliance with energy management standards, we hold DIN ISO 50001 certification and conduct energy audits. Environmental protection criteria also form part of our supplier assessments and we advise strategic partners to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

Production processes

We especially focus on production machinery that meets high environmental standards and on technologies that preserve and safeguard natural resources. The protection of soil and groundwater is one of our most critical responsibilities.

We use special equipment to ensure that liquids which may be hazardous to waters do not penetrate the ground. Wherever possible, we also deploy circulation systems that enable water-recycling. On sites where it is feasible to do so, we generate our own heat and power in an eco-friendly and efficient way, preferably using our own products. As far as waste is concerned, our motto is 'Prevention or re-cycling is better than disposal'. That means that waste is channeled back into the material cycle wherever possible.

We are aiming for a continuous reduction in energy consumption and emissions. We ensure that designs take this into account when planning new systems and installations. We use the possibilities available to feed 'wasted power' back into the plant's own power grid and
integrate energy-saving lighting and other eco-friendly technologies.


In recent years, we have also made great headway in improving logistics. Through local value creation in our main sales markets, we have shortened transport routes, thereby using resources more efficiently and placing less strain on the environment.

Fleet management

Another way we have reduced harmful emissions is by introducing car-sharing within our company and augmenting our fleet with vehicles powered by natural gas as well as electric vehicles. New company car rules are helping to reduce CO2 emissions. For company cars, we are aiming to keep reducing the CO2 limit until it reaches 100g/km by the year 2022.


Top employer

We assume responsibility for our employees and their families, as also shown by our awards for employee-friendly corporate and human-resource policies. We are pleased to have already received the CRF Seal of Quality "Top employer for engineers" and "Top employer in Germany" on several occasions. Here our company regularly scores well on criteria such as job security, innovative power, internationality, remuneration and work-life-balance schemes. We also provide our employees with a structure that allows them to reconcile career and family extremely effectively. The "Fair company" seal of quality demonstrates our fair conditions for recruiting students and graduates.

Occupational health and safety

Our journey to zero harm!

With this vision we provide the best possible working conditions for our staff, since their health and well-being are the pre-requisite for a good performance, quality, satisfaction and innovativeness. At the same time, we place a high premium on prevention and a sense of personal responsibility.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems organizes its operations along the lines of the established management systems, placing a strong emphasis on occupational health and safety. With our 'Safety First' program we provide occupational accidents. To support our contractors in this sector too, there is a video named “Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection for Rolls-Royce's Clients” available.

BS OHSAS 18001, the occupational health and safety standard, has been successfully implemented at numerous Rolls-Royce Power Systems locations. Furthermore, the Friedrichshafen site received its first certification in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001 from TÜV Rhineland at the end of 2014.

When it comes to occupational health and safety, we make our managers accountable and ensure that our employees undergo regular training. Clarification and continuous sharing of information advance the improvement process for better health and safety. This also includes ergonomic requirements for workplaces.

Also in place throughout Germany is an extensive company health management program for which for which we again received the Corporate Health Award in 2015. This integrative concept focuses on sport, exercise, a good diet, medicine, prevention, work-life balance, and also occupational health and safety. Under the motto `Long-term Individual Promotion of Personal Responsibility´ (German acronym 'LIFE'), Rolls-Royce Power Systems offers a broad range of in-company health promotion measures ranging from health-care days, lectures, sport and exercise programs to initiatives for high-risk groups.

Training and further education

For over 90 years now, we have trained next-generation staff ourselves, thereby providing young people with the best possible start to their working lives. Each year, about 150 young people begin apprenticeships or dual study courses in Germany and abroad. In 2012, we also introduced the dual-study model in the USA. We also support the training of next-generation technical staff at other locations, for example in South Africa. Furthermore we promote individual development and further training programs to prepare newcomers and existing staff for the tasks in hand. In so doing, we work closely with universities, associations and other institutions.

Career and family

Having time for leisure and the family is just as important as the daily job in factory and office. As holder of the "berufundfamilie" (career and family) certificate, we help our staff achieve an equilibrium. One way we do this is by offering a choice of working time models, flexi-time, and the possibility of working from home. Employees at our Friedrichshafen location will be able to use our children's daycare center. In addition, we work together with Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V. in a local company partnership to provide short-term childcare, ensuring that employees' children can be well looked after should bottleneck situations arise.

Jean-Raebel foundation and Karl-Maybach fund

Our company is closely allied to two long-standing organizations with a strong social orientation: Former chief executive Jean Raebel set up the eponymous foundation in 1982 to assist members of staff wishing to study full-time for a degree or for a diploma as technician or master-craftsman. Eligible to benefit are not only members of staff but also their children and those whose studies are linked closely to the diesel engine-building industry in Friedrichshafen. The Karl-Maybach fund was set up in 1958 and reflects the strong social conscience of our company's founder. Even today, the fund provides financial assistance to members of staff or their families who find themselves in difficulty.


Our promotion and sponsoring activities and solid partnerships reflect our sense of social responsibility. We are strongly engaged in the fields of education, science, sport, the environment and social projects.


Rolls-Royce Power Systems is committed to being a strong education partner at all of its locations. In Friedrichshafen we offer young people insights into our company at events like "Wissen was geht" (Know what works) or the "Girls' Day". We also support technical and scientific topics by being involved in the "Lange Nacht der Technik" (Long night of technology) project and the German youth research contest "Jugend forscht".

For many years we have been supporting the Formula Student project, in which we assist teams from various German and American universities in developing and building their own formula racing cars, as well as the Formula Student Germany contest at the Hockenheimring.

In Friedrichshafen we also support the European center for sustainable research at the Zeppelin University. The aim is to add value for the environment, society and entrepreneurial action.


We have been the main sponsor of the MTU Indoor Football Cup staged by VfB Friedrichshafen since it began in 2002. The international under-fifteens football tournament which takes place in Friedrichshafen is one of the largest and most popular of its kind in Europe. We also support the MTU Friedrichshafen Center of Excellence - a point of liaison for promising young footballers from clubs in the region.

We also support our colleague Richard Ringer, a middle and long-distance runner who has made it to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and has been crowned German champion no less than ten times. Besides financial support, we also give Richard the time and flexibility he needs for his challenging work, training and tournament program.

To promote high-level and popular sport, we support numerous clubs and projects at our locations around the world.

Environmental Foundation

Located right next to Lake Constance, we feel a special responsibility for protecting the lake's biodiversity, in which we have a long-term interest. We therefore support environmental and nature conservation projects through the MTU Environmental Foundation. The aim is to safeguard the lake's natural resources for human, plant and animal life and to protect and restore bio-diversity. MTU Friedrichshafen set up the MTU Environmental Foundation in 2004 with an endowment capital of over half a million euros. In collaboration with the Institute for Lake Research in Langenargen, the Foundation supports various projects.

Projects supported to date:

Protection of the Lake Constance bees: Bees play a vital role as pollinators of many fruit and wine plantations in the Lake Constance region. In the "Protection of the Lake Constance bees" project, students from the Claude-Dornier School, a vocational school incorporating a technical high school and a technical college, look after beehives. In this interdisciplinary project involving students from all classes, students are responsible for building and maintaining beehives, care activities such as weekly checks, and the production and marketing of honey and wax.

Physiological ecology of wildlife: In a research project at the Eberhard Karl University in Tübingen, a 'before-after' study was conducted to investigate how activated carbon could be used in water treatment plants to influence the impact of micro-pollutants on a species of shrimp found in the Schussen, a tributary of Lake Constance.
Project description

Renaturation of alluvial forests on the shores of Lake Constance: in a joint project undertaken by governmental and non-governmental organizations, the very first comprehensive, cross-border protection strategy is being developed for the alluvial forests remaining on the shores of Lake Constance.
Closing report

Fish-friendly renaturation of Lake Constance: The project undertaken by the Baden-Württemberg state institute for the environment, measurement and conservation examined which gravel and rock combinations provide optimal living conditions for most of the 35 species of fish that are indigenous to the lake. Based on two pilot renaturation measures, a catalogue of recommendations was issued on how to better structure shallow water zones for the needs of fish.

Details on criteria for funding applications can be obtained from Michael Spiegel, Chairman of the Board of the MTU Environmental Foundation.


Michael Spiegel, Chairman of the Board, MTU Environmental Foundation
Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG
Maybachplatz 1
88045 Friedrichshafen

Telephone +49 7541 9091
Telefax +49 7541 9097

Integrity and compliance

Ethical practice

Long-term business partnerships based on trust and integrity are key components of our corporate identity. Ethics and compliance are top priorities for us. The key fundamentals are enshrined in the Rolls-Royce Global Code of Conduct.

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